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Increassed user experience with our simple and useful interface.

LMS (Learning Management System)

An organization can manage and systematically measure all activities. LMS is a digital learning environment that manages all aspects of various training efforts.


Special modules that can meet all your needs comprehensively.

Powerful Server Support

An uninterrupted fast and high-level experience with the provider service from the best servers.

Customizable Design

The opportunity to create a customized and personalized interface for your institution with the flexible design optiıns of Uniteroom.

Cross Platform

Ease of use, whenever you want, on any platform with our advanced system and software.

Live Video Conferencing Module (LVC)

Get ready to enter the new era of online education with Uniteroom! Everything you need to provide comprehensive, detailed and synchronous training is waiting for you in our live conference module.
High-quality live lessons, where student can actively participate in the lesson and teachers can use the materials they want, are actualised with Uniteroom. With high-level technology, advanced software and useful design, our LVC module will marka a new epoch in education!

What Does the LVC Module Offer Us?

  • Survey Feature
  • Functional Whiteboard
  • Advanced Presentation Module
  • Splitable Chat
  • Course Recording Feature
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Exam / Quiz Module

Uniteroom ensures that education can be carried out in the most fluent and correct way and education can be supervised in the most comprehensive way. You can integrate many types of exams into our system, which allows your institution to successfully virtualize the exam policies it follows. You can create secıre exams with supervision, control and technological facilites.

  • Flexible Exam Options

    Depending on the type of courses and exams, you can activate many options such as test, open-ended questions and fill in the blanks through our system.

  • Secure Surveillence System

    You can prevent negativites by allowing teachers to supervise students in the best possible way during the exam with the opportunities offered by our exam/quiz module.

  • Easy and Fast Result Determination

    Thanks to the state-of-the-art results of our system, you can reach the results of the evaluation without errors and completeness as soon as possible.

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Discover Uniteroom's Useful Features

Would you like to see the numerous advantages of Uniteroom, the ultimate in technological education? Let's explore all the features of our system together with our promotional video prepared for you.

Specially Designed
Student/Teacher Panels

With advanced and convenient interfaces, there will be no obstacles to your education!

Interfaces Specific to Your Institution

With panels that you can design separately for students and teachers, let your students and instructors have much more productive lessons!

  • Uniteroom Teacher Panel

    In this panel specially designed for teachers, our educators will be able to easily choose their courses and activate the feature they want and have a productive lesson!

  • Uniteroom Student Panel

    With our advanced student panel, all your students will be able to continue their online education, see their shortcomings and evaluate their situation without missing their lessons!

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